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Da Fisherman was born and raised in Aiken, SC . 25 years old . He loves serving the Lord and one the ways he does that happens to be with music . God has blessed Da Fisherman with the ability to rap and he uses dat talent to deliver His message across nations . He started taking rapping seriously early part of 2019 and continues improving and getting better . Da Fisherman has four released singles titled “God is my OG” , “ In Store” , “Believe, Receive” , and “If it wasn’t for you” which are available on all major streaming sites. Also his music videos are  available on YouTube . Da Fisherman aims to be a positive influence to all age groups and be the voice for the voiceless ! He has been through a lot , seen a lot , done a lot so he can relate to a lot of different things . "Can’t do nothing alone outchea" is what Da Fisherman says knowing that he is blessed that God put some great like minded people in his path; his family United Kingdom! Da Fisherman also states "God has saved me and changed my life & it’s my duty to serve him . So yeah it’s yo boi Da Fisherman, and I will be fishing for souls." Glory to God !

Pastor Patrice Washington resides in Columbia SC. She has always had a passion for music: from elementary through high School she was on chorus as a first soprano. Her style of music is hip hop. However she preaches and reaches with every verse. Power and anointing can be felt in her vocals.

Pastor Patrice started According To Your Faith Ministry in June 2011. The slogan of the ministry is “We will love you though it, Whatever it is”. For the next 2 years Pastor Patrice led ATYFM and traveled all over preaching the gospel. God uses her in deliverance and healing ministries. Also to activate gifts within others.

She published her first book From The Pit To The Palace February 6, 2013. God opened many doors outside of the church for her to share her book. She did a book signing at The Black Expo and Jazz Festival in Charleston SC. She was also given a platform at a hair show in Florence to share portions of her book and to do a book signing. Pastor Patrice was interviewed on a talk show in Florida as well.

In 2018 in a dream God spoke to Pastor Patrice and told her to reach this generation through music. Over the next few days she asked God for clarity and he told her to rap. Never rapping before she stepped out on faith a recorded her first song Glory be To God which is a testimony of where God has brought her from.

Pastor Patrice is currently a member of United Kingdom Ministry Group in which she accept speaking engagements, minister music at events, minister music in prisons, feed the homeless, and continue to create music and videos to reach the young as well as the old. Her music can be found on all streaming platforms. You can find her on FB & IG as Pastor Patrice Washington. 






Gospel Rap artist MDB was born in Columbia, SC and has lived and worked in the South Eastern part of the US. This contributes to the southern flavor in his music. In addition the influence of many musical styles makes listening to MDB an exciting journey through many sounds. He works hard in his craft, which can be reflected by many accomplishments. A few of those would be him starting his music and media company Melodik Rukus LLC in 2008, writing his first book Brother 2 Brother using quotes from his music as inspiration in 2016, and expanding his label to Monrovia Liberia (Liberia LION Connection) to become an international recording company in 2020.

MDB began his exploration into music at a young age, taking piano lessons while in elementary school. He was also very intrigued with writing poetry at this time. Over time he began to marry the two interests by embracing the art form of Rap and began producing, writing and recording rap songs by the age of 13. The main inspiration for where he is musically is the life experiences that have shown him the importance of separating from the norm and having his own personal relationship with God.

Currently as a member of United Kingdom Ministry Group, MDB continues to create music, travel, do shows, and minister with his UK family. Mastering the crafts of rapping, producing, and storytelling allows MDB to become a creative force through music and content creation. You can find MDB's content on social media platforms (FB, IG, YouTube) @melodikrukus, on or, as well as finding his music on all major streaming platforms 

Gospel singer, writer/composer, and minister of music Timothy Sims was born July 30th, 1977. He grew up in the small town of Blackville, South Carolina and found his love for music at a very young age. At the age of 6, He began singing on the Sunbeam Choir at Shrub Branch Baptist Church where his mother was the choir director. His mother would have him a wide variety of styles of Gospel music, from hymns to quartet. He would sing songs from legendary artists such as James Cleveland, Darryl Coley, and Edwin Hawkins. From these gentlemen he was inspired, and one day wanted to follow in their footsteps. After hearing his first solo selection in church, his parents saw a gift that would one day bring inspiration to the world.

As an adult, Timothy has enjoyed teaching music as the choir director of the Rosemary Inspirational Choir of Barnwell South Carolina, Victory Mass Choir of Springfield, SC, Ned Branch Praise Team and he has now established his very first ministry in 2020 Perpus Community Choir. The need for souls to be saved was always a priority on the heart of the artist as he says, “music brought me back to Christ and I know it will bring other closer to him as well”. This sparked the inception of Perpus (People Exalting Radical Praises in Unified Sound). This vision God gave to Timothy was founded on the 3P’s: Pain, Prayer, and Praise. The songs that he once wrote on napkins not understanding why, would year minister to the tests he faced in his life.

In 2021, Sims launched his freshmen project titled – Destination Next? Which is fitting for him now after substantial changes in his personal life and career change, - he states “God I don’t know what is next in life, or where you are taking me, but wherever you lead me, I’ll go! You Are (who you say you are) is the first release from the EP and is inspiring many as we are facing many trials and tribulation in this season of our lives. His 2nd single release Destiny has blossomed into the top 25 on the internet radio charts and has maintained stability on the airways.

Currently residing in Aiken, SC Indie Artist, Timothy Sims continues to brand himself as a multidimensional game-changer as he blazes his own trail with his music career and ministry efforts. Considering all the recognition he has begun to receive; his goal remains to use his platform as an opportunity to fulfill the purpose of his assignment.



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