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United Kingdom is a ministry group that uses gifts in the area of music, dance, public speaking, content creation, and more to spread the gospel and progress God's Kingdom.  God put together this strong team of individuals with the gifts and talents needed to accomplish many great things. As long as we work to accomplish them together, there is nothing within the will of God that United Kingdom is unable to accomplish. Get in touch with us to collaborate on ministry projects. We look forward to pushing the Kingdom forward with YOU!

T H E   M I S I O N
Ministry in Unity

United Kingdom is a group built on the advancement of God's Kingdom. However the mission is not only to do His work, but also to be an example of unity to our community. We believe that together more is accomplished, and the best way to prove that lesson is to show it in action! Just as Joshua 23:10 teaches us, One man of you shall chase a thousand: for the LORD your God, he it is that fighteth for you, as he hath promised you. UNITED UNDER GOD NO MATTER WHAT!



United Kingdom Ministry Group was put together by nothing other than God's will. The members include, Da Fisherman, Melo, and Poetik (who make up the group United Kingz) as well as Pastor Patrice Washington the first lady of UK. God moved in a way that only he could to bring the group together, from that point forward United Kingdom members have been working in unity to accomplish more with their ministry gifts. The powerful part of the testimony is, each group member shares the story that they were praying for a team to minister with long before meeting each other, so by bringing us all together God made us all an answer to each others prayers!

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